Club Penguin: Green Giant Sunglasses BUG!

Hey Penguins,

Although Club Penguin added some new and cool stuff to the island yesterday, it seems they have added a mysterious bug. Now, as always, this has been CP’s most major disadvantage- handling bugs. No matter how much they try, we penguins always manage to catch some measly virtual bugs!

This week, the whole community was getting dressed up- in preparation for the Fall Fair 2015! My friend has a range of tacky and fun stuff in his item inventory! So, as it was a fair-themed party, he decided to wear his Green Giant Sunglasses. (A personal favorite of mine and his).

However, to our surprise, we manage to view a different item once we view his playercard. Here is how it looked:


Woah! As I mentioned before, he was wearing the ‘Green Giant Sunglasses’! But, as it shows in the picture above, he is wearing something different- a head item to be precise!

Warning:Try not to wear the Green Sunglasses from now, till this bug stops. Since he wore the glasses, he could not get them off! To make it more disastrous, if he wore another item, his penguin would be flooded with different sorts of items in the same place! E.g: A head item ON a head item ON a head item ON a head item etc. (I think you get the point)

Just to add, this item is BRAND NEW! It has not ever been released previously! It seems this is yet another CP file leaked by ‘mistake’. 

But wait a minute; this item could be added to the party catalog this Fall Fair! 

Exciting, dont you think?!  I think we have just uncovered something special!

Have you come across this bug? Let us know!

UPDATE TO THIS POST: We have just emailed Club Penguin about this bug! Let us see what they reply,



5 thoughts on “Club Penguin: Green Giant Sunglasses BUG!

  1. i got a different bug. if you don’t have a skateboard and you enter skate park, while its loading if you quickly enter a different website, when you get back to Club Penguin your skateboarding on your butt.


  2. Haha, wow! Yep, good point! We have already posted about that glitch. Thanks for letting us know 😉


  3. I saw it on other blogs and it said a sneak peak of an item from the rainbow puffle party


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