Club Penguin Blog: One Puffle Poster to Rule them All

Hey guys,

Today Megg has made a new post on the Club Penguin blog. However, it’s a post on a Puffle Poster! Stay tuned till the end of this post because I’m including a mini-discussion as well as some confirmation of new problems. Here’s her exact words.

Hey Penguins!

Ever wondered how many puffles are out there? Well we’ve got a poster for that and it’s EPIC.

***UPDATE: The link we provided is not working to download the poster. Stay tuned while we find a way to make it work! 🙂

For now, here’s a tip on how to view the image below: Zoom in on each of the puffle descriptions by holding down the command or control key and pressing the + key on your keyboard. To zoom out, hold the command or control key again and press the – key. (Sorry it will be a little blurry!)

Isn’t it amazing?! Huge round of applause for Deamama and Spaghett, our super talented writer and designer, who worked really hard to create this.

Do you have any of these? Have you seen any of these? Ones that aren’t on here, maybe?? Let us know in the comments which puffle is your favorite and why!

Waddle on,

-Club Penguin Team

Unfortunately, the image of the poster that Club Penguin provided didn’t appear for some players including me. Also, the link isn’t working so it isn’t yet ready to download. However, I have managed to get a preview of the poster, which is very blury. This is taken from the official Club Penguin Twitter account.


It appears very large and long! Now for the mini discussion part.

You may notice that the puffles with the blue background are exactly the same than the ones with the green background (except for Flare, the black puffle with goggles on). Well, no. These puffles are actually the puffles used in the DS games of Club Penguin. They only appear and cannot be adopted. You may also notice some blank puffles. I managed to zoom in a bit and get their names, however I wasn’t able to get their details.


So it looks like that Grey, Lava, Bird, Skunk, Yeti, Octopus, Robot and Cow puffles have all been suggested. These are puffles that are rather similar to the Horse Puffle. This gives a good chance of the Horse Puffle occurring. However, none have been confirmed. You may see that slight banner to the left of the puffle’s name. This says “rumour”. I must say, Club Penguin are good at giving us those! However, it seems like their personalities have already been created, judging by the text on the bottom of the card. That’s not all I have to share with you! My friend, @thepenguincat, made some perfect puffles just out of this poster! I’m not going to deny, he’s a very talented artist!


He’s also designed several other Club Penguin related things, so go check him out! I think Club Penguin have got the message that they’re giving us too many puffles so I doubt they’ll release these soon, but I think they will eventually release them one by one. This is because you can see that they’ve made personalities for them. I’ll update this post when Club Penguin updates theirs. What do you think? Comment down below!

Waddle On!



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