Club Penguin Discussion Tweets: Recycling Plant

Update: I am no longer taking anymore opinions

Hey guys,

You may know that if you’d like your opinion featured into a discussion, you have to follow us on Twitter however I’ve noticed how many people would like their opinions featured but don’t have a Twitter account. So, I’ve figured out a simple solution to this crisis. From now on, I’ll be making a post when I require your opinion.

The theme for the upcoming discussion is the Recycling Plant so make sure to comment your opinions down below. All opinions will be featured in the discussion. The latest date for your comment is Tuesday 19 May 2015 so remember to comment before then! This does not mean that the post will come out on that day; I expect it to come out one or two days afterwards. Comment your opinions around the Recycling Plant below to have it featured!

Waddle On!



2 thoughts on “Club Penguin Discussion Tweets: Recycling Plant

  1. I thought the recycling plant was a room with a lot of animation and there were lots of things moving and ways you can control the room. I think that I wouldn’t go in that room to often if it were still here, but I don’t know that for sure. I thought it was a great room. though.

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