Club Penguin Discussion: Recycling Plant

Hey everybody,

Today I’ve got an interesting discussion on the Recycling Plant. In fact, it contains quite a bit of information. Before anything, let me first explain my intentions and situations with these discussions. Discussions will only be posted once a week from now on (maybe sometimes twice) however that discussion will be even more awesome with media, interviews, tweets and a lot more information! The other reason for this is I’ve been quite busy lately. The final reason is that Party in the Past will return soon for the Fair, meaning you’ll also be able to read that. Well, let’s begin.

I understand that some of you may have no idea what the Recycling Plant is! This is because this room was removed a long time ago, however I do have some images from the Club Penguin Wiki about this room. Here’s the exterior design in the Mine Shack.


You can see the Recycling Plant on the left of the big tree. Here’s the interior design. image

Today this room has been placed with a simple university. I don’t think that this is a good idea. Perhaps some of you do, but at the end of the day, why do you need to remove the entire Recycling Plant completely? There several other rooms that could hold such a building. @FlipprCPPS managed to come out with a good design for the Recycling Plant. image However that’s not all. Do you see the soil next to the Mine in my first image? This was known as the Community Garden. What would basically happen is that you’d throw snowballs into the little bucket on the top of the Mine. This would then start watering the soil so that plants and vegetables grew there for a few seconds. The Mine Shack was meant to be dedicated to Earth Day, but it appears it isn’t anymore. Honestly, what’s more important? Promoting Earth Day to help save the animals and our planet? Or promoting a school? I’m not saying school isn’t important, but I think Club Penguin is there for when you’re not in school, yet now they’ve added a school to their game. Also – as you can see from the image above – Club Penguin doesn’t have to remove the school. They could simply move the Recycling Plant and Community Garden to the Forest. In fact, wouldn’t it be better if an “Earth Day room” was surrounded by trees? Surely it’d be better than having it right next to a mine full of “coal”. However that isn’t all.


This stamp is known as the “Go Green Stamp” and can be obtained by recycling ten objects in the Recycling Plant. I talked to Steampowered (a former Club Penguin moderator) at the beginning of last year and he said that the game developers are working on removing this stamp as it cannot be earned since the Recycling Plant has been removed. Well, that’s amazing: two years to remove some stamps (let’s not even get started on the Game Day stamps that can no longer be obtained thanks to Nintendo). In fact, they have to contact game developers just to remove this stamp!

Another fact about this room that suggests that this room will never return is that this room shares the same room identification number (122) as the school. This suggests that it’s either one or the other meaning that if the recycling plant does return, the school will shut down. This means it is literally impossible to enter the room again. It was once possible to enter any room with a special link but for two reasons, this is impossible with the Recycling Plant.

  • The room shares the same ID with the school
  • This method was patched a few weeks ago, stopping it from working with any room

I remembered visiting the Recycling Plant when it was removed however I cannot share this experience with you. On the good side, the Club Penguin Wiki has provided a SWF, giving you the basic experiences of the room. You are unable to throw snowballs or listen to the room music. If you’d like to check it out, click here. If you’d like to listen to the music of the room, click here. Now, don’t get me wrong, Club Penguin still does care about Planet Earth and the environment.

If they still like helping Earth, why remove the Recycling Plant? I emailed Club Penguin asking for answers and here was their reply.

Club Penguin
Hey penguin pal,

Thanks for writing in with your cool questions. We decided to remove the recycling plant because it was the least used room on the Island. Penguins had been asking for awhile for a school and there was tons of school role play so we went with that. Penguins have been using the school like crazy, and I’ve even seen some classes in there teaching about recycling!

The recycling stamp is still around because we didn’t want to take it away from penguins who have earned it in the past.

Right now we do no have plans to return the recycling plant. However, anything is possible in the future!

Snow long for now,

Club Penguin Support

Well, I understand it may be the least used room but it certainly had a lot of value. Surely they could make some kind of notification on the stamp saying it is no longer earnable. Uh oh, grammatical error in the third line! Anyway, this is a good response compared to some other replies I’ve got from the team. However, does this mean that the least used room will slowly and slowly die out of Club Penguin. The least used room now is the Stage which could go soon.

The fact is, there will always be a least used room but that doesn’t mean Club Penguin should just cut it out of the island. Anyway, now let’s go see some opinions. Remember to follow @CPReveals on Twitter to be featured. Then just look out for future tweets explaining everything you need to do. Alternatively, you could just wait for a post giving you information on how to do is. This usually occurs a few days before the discussion is published.

Anonymous said:
Never bothered me anyway since it was always empty.
Ryanec1 said:
I thought the recycling plant was a room with a lot of animation and there were lots of things moving and ways you can control the room. I think that I wouldn’t go in that room to often it it were still here, but I don’t know that for sure. I thought it was a great room though.
@Claire62CP said:
Saddening 😦
@Rosytilly said:
CP removed Recycling plants. How can new penguin earn recycle stamp at recycling plants? Did that stamp change to something else? (This was covered in the discussion earlier)

It was empty, but it had a lot of reason and history. What do you think of everything? Comment below!

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