Club Penguin: Rainbow Puffle Party 2015 REVIEW!

Hey penguins,

The Rainbow Puffle Party has hit the island, finally!! To view my walkthrough of the party, please click HERE 

As promised, here is the review of the party! This is an opinion-based review, as is all others, so please respect it as much as we respect your feedback!


I start with the decorations because, in all fairness, it was the best part of the party- besides having the chance to adopt a Rainbow Puffle. I love how the ‘Town’ was decorated- those clouds really looked awesome! The graphics, in terms of the app layout, looked perfect! Club Penguin has made a really good effort as far as the decorations are concerned. Although some rooms from previous Puffle Parties were repeated, it still was pretty good. One improvement, if I was to be critical, was that they could add some new additions to the Cloud Forest?

My rating of the decorations: 9/10


To be honest, I was kind of disappointed with the tasks in this party. Very little tasks and they were far too easy! Despite the fact that this party was directed primarily to younger children, it still was too straight-forward. I would certainly say that even a 6-year old would complete the tasks in a breeze. I think what Club Penguin has to work on (now, I am not those sort of people who rant on about Old CP) is that they could play it old school? Fun tasks with an ease of slight diffucilty would most probably be a great addition to any type of party! However, there were positives- I must say. The items you could obtain in return were still quite good and the Rainbow Puffle adoption just topped the icing on the cake

My rating on Tasks: 2/10


The items in this party were pretty good, in terms of the standards set nowadays. I really liked the Rainbow- themed items you could buy and the ‘Daily Rewards’ feature was a good idea as always. Not much to add really, so this concludes the Items review.

My rating for the Items: 8/10
Taking in all the conclusions, my overall rating of the party is: 19/30.

Most of you may agree, most of you may disagree. Let me know!

I love feedback, not harsh ones! If you want to be critical, please be wary of language used and phrase statements in a friendly manner.



What do you think?

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