Club Penguin Walkthrough: Rainbow Puffle Party 2015

Hey Penguins,

The wait is over- the party has arrived! The highly-anticipated Rainbow Puffle Party (App) as well as the Fall Fair Party (Computer) has finally hit the island!

But, before I crack on straight to the walkthrough, let’s take a moment or two to appreciate the new and updated login screen for the CP App!  


It looks FAB!

To start the walkthrough, let’s see what happens once we log in to the app…

We are greeted by Club Penguin mascot, PH! If those of you remember, she had also been featured in the Puffle Party 2015! Crikey! So many puffles!

You would be greeted by a friendly, little summary of what to expect:

” G’day! Rainbow Puffles are here! EVERYONE can adopt them until June 3. Launch yourself to the Cloud Forest to find them. “

I would just like to add that it was an awesome idea from the Club Penguin Team to have the Rainbow Puffles free to adopt for all of the community- not just members!

Moving on, we have the chance to view a cool feature of the party!  

Daily Rewards! This has always been my most most favorite part of any sort of party. Each day, your penguin obtains a cool item! Today, I unlocked a Rainbow Puffle cap!

Hey, wait a minute! One of the items listed seems to be one of the bug leaks on Club Penguin! Yep, that’s right- the storm themed hat item! To view my post uncovering this secret item, click HERE

 Once entering the Town, we have the chance to see all the new amazing decorations!  

 As you can see, Club Penguin did a nice job decorating the Town! 

Anyway, from the picture, you can see a Rainbow-Puffle themed room portal located next to the Clothes Shop!

Waddle over to the room portal to be transported to a whole new place! 

 …The Cloud Forest! As possibly most of you remember, this room was added to the Puffle Party 2013! However, in terms of the app’s history, this is a new addition! Most of the activity takes place here, as this is where you can adopt the Rainbow Puffle! 

How to adopt the Rainbow Puffle:

It is a pretty straight-forward process. Actually, too straight-forward!

Once you are in the Cloud Forest, simply tap upon the jumping Rainbow Puffles on the left hand side of your screen.  


Once clicked on, the adoption page will come up on your screen:  

And that is how you adopt a Rainbow Puffle! Super easy! Maybe a bit too easy?! 

BUG ALERT: For some of you, once you adopt your Rainbow Puffle, the app itself may freeze!

And that is the end of this walkthrough! 

A review of this party will be posted very soon, so stay tuned!

How did you find the Rainbow Puffle party? 



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