Club Penguin Reveals: Torres 126 Waddling Off

Hey guys, Torres 126 here with a special announcement. The last announcement from me. I am officially quitting Club Penguin Reveals. This isn’t an easy decision, but by the way the site is going, it’s not for me. Let me explain why I’ve made this decision. Well, the first thing is that I’ve been very busy. I know I said that last time I quit but I also said I’d be back. I have GCSEs, tough exams here in England. This time I won’t be back. More importantly, the site was having some issues. I can assure you that no one would like to work for a site that isn’t “up to their standards”. For me, Club Penguin Reveals was lacking. We weren’t making so many posts and we weren’t working as much as a team anymore. Being an editor, you don’t get much control and you need to let this go. There were parts of the site I’d have liked to change. I did get a fair say, but not as much as I’d liked. The next thing is is that I felt that I spent a lot more time investing time into Club Penguin Reveals. The team disagreed. Discussions also took a long time to make and now I can invest this into other things. I had stories planned, memes planned, #ThrowbackThursdays (a new series) planned, more discussions planned and even more. These aren’t going to come. This will be my final time you see the signature you usually see on this site. There’s a lot more behind the scenes that I won’t go into (not all are good). However, those of you might want to blame Mrzero3 for this. It’s not his decision or his fault so please don’t blame him!


I’d like to thank the team but most importantly the community. I hope you continue reading this blog despite me leaving. You’ve truly been a spectacular community to post to regardless of your post liking. I’m not sure where the future takes me, but I don’t mind it driving me away from Club Penguin Reveals. So go out there and make a difference! If you’d like me to be part of your blog then I must admit that I’m not currently interested in working for another blog just yet. Thank you so much. You keep me smiling! ☺ ☺ ☺
Waddle On,



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