Hey Penguins,

By now, most of the community has probably heard the story. Club Penguin is unveiling one of their biggest projects of the CP year- the opening of ‘The Puffle Berry Mall’.

This development would replace the ‘Stage’ and will be located in the ‘Plaza’. A fact that not many of you may know is that this whole idea originated from one penguin- the founder of CPReveals, Mrzero3. He is lucky to have his revolutionary idea taken on board from the CP staff. 

Here is what the Club Penguin Team added along with their confirmation: 

“Guess what, guess what, GUESS WHAT! I’m super excited to announce that the Puffle Berry Mall is going to be coming back to the Plaza—permanently!
It’s a whole new (-ish) place where you can hang out and meet with your friends. It’ll go up where the Stage is, so we’ve created a new Stage igloo and furniture for members to design their very own performances!


We’ll have a special meet up and grand opening June 5 for everyone! What do you think of the Puffle Berry Mall coming back permanently?

Wow! Although this dramatic change may have brought distaste to most of the community, it does have unique positivites. Having the fact that ‘we can create our own performances’ is a great idea, don’t you think?

The grand opening of the Puffle Berry Mall is set to be on ‘June 5th 2015′. I am utterly shocked that they named the mall in such a way- Puffles are ruling over our fun. 

But wait! This is not the only time Club Penguin has renovated or removed a room from the island. This year, they had made a complete upgrade to the Ski Lodge. They had also permanently added ‘The Wilds’ (a failed idea, in my opinion- it’s tottaly empty!’ to the island following the departure of the ‘Puffle Party 2015’

What are your thoughts about the Puffle Berry Mall being permanent AND replacing the STAGE!?



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