Is It Possible For The Sports Shop To Come Back?

Hey penguins!

There has been this long, rumor that has been going on for a while: Is Sports Shop coming back to Club Penguin?he co

Is it true or just a rumor that was made up by the community? Well, it was actually a idea from Tech70 (A CP blogger and video-maker) that the Sports Shop should come back. A couple of hours later, ThePenguinCat (A Club Penguin fan designer) who, designed the new Sports Room. Days later, this became a rumor, since, players thought that this was a actual drawing from Club Penguin (A sneak peek from CP) but actually it was a design by the talented, ThePenguinCat.

Why don’t you take a look?


That looks really amazing, right?

Well, you’re probably saying, “What is this gotta do with if it’s actually coming back?” Well, thanks to: RadishCPGuides – check them out: Yesterday, they revealed a code at the CP Files.. Guess what it was.. Yes, thanks to Sumbsubhra1 to find this exclusive news out. Check the blog post here:

There is actually proof on that amazing, blog-post. 🙂

The big question is.. Why will it come out?

Well, hopefully in today’s updates or in the future.

Waddle on!



What do you think?

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