Inside Out Party Announcement: Rockhopper’s Lost His Memories!


Hey penguins,
And welcome to my first ever blog post! I’m Blaze Jr, but forget about me for right now, and let’s get to the amazing Club Penguin news! Alright, so the official Club Penguin team made a post about the Disney Club Penguin Inside Out Party! This party is about, well of course, the movie Inside Out. In the month of July, Club Penguin will be celebrating the emotions, (joy, sadness, fear, disgust or anger!) to help find Rockhopper during this party! During this Club Penguin event the Club Penguin team said;

We’ll use the emotions to help him find his memories.

Pretty cool, right? To continue, this Club Penguin party will be around the island on July 22, 2015. So until then, I’ll be keeping you guys updated here on the amazing blog. Well, that’s all I have for today. In the comments below, you can comment about what you think about this new party coming to the island. Until my next post, Waddle on!

~Blaze Jr


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