What’s Trending In The CP Community?: #KeshavForPresident

Hey, penguins!

For the past couple of days, #KeshavForPresident is trending in the Twitter community of Club Penguin. Oh, yeah… I forgot to introduce this new, series called: ‘What’s Trending In The CP Community?‘.

Who on earth is Keshav?: Well, Keshav is a Club Penguin player who has been really, famous in the Twitter community. According to his grammar, he must be a young, player on Twitter. (His grammar, reminds me of my old, days). 😛 He is famous for trying to be president by giving everyone, Nokias. Well, where is my Nokia, then?

How did he go trending?: Well, a bunch of Club Penguin players, tweeted with the hashtag: ‘#KeshavForPresident’. After a while, he got pretty, famous on the CP Community.


Well, that’s a weird poster for being a president.

Well, what do you think? Is this good or bad?

Waddle On!

– Osenry


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