Club Penguin Reveals Newspaper: 1, July 2015

                                   Welcome to the first newspaper of Club Penguin Reveals!

What is this about?: We give out every news of what’s going on at CPReveals. As you may know, we are working on some, exciting things here at CPReveals and we will like to share it with all of you, penguins.

Blaze’s Blazing, New Virtual World!

Blaze (Our blogger has some amazing news! He is working on a professional virtual world like Club Penguin, called: ‘Snail Paradise’. Well, SnailParadise Reveals, aye?

Here are some sneak peeks:


That’s the Town.


That’s the mysterious, creature that always creeps!

#PenguinsSummerParty lands to Club Penguin!

What you say, folks? I’m throwing a huge party, called: ‘Penguin’s Summer Party!’. Well, a lot of people are going to come like: UsmanTheGeek, Distrocktiv7, Lillianlilly, Loki Terry and way more! Please do come, since, it’ll be a lot of fun.


party time!¬

That’s all for now, folks! See ya later!

Waddle on!

– Osenry


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