Club Penguin: July Furniture Catalog

Hey everyone,

Welcome to another Club Penguin update post. Today Club Penguin has released with a new Furniture Catalog for, July 2015. Check it out. Club Penguin has done another unique job on making the cover look fantastic. 

When you open the furniture catalog you’ll see this. It says make sure most of your furniture showing the cool updates you can do, just for those penguins who didn’t know how to do this.


And, last is the amazing kitchens Club Penguin has brought back for members. They also brought back the puffle map, dotted chair, plants, and more amazing things you can see below.

Screenshot_215 Screenshot_216 Screenshot_217


Well that’s all I have for now about this post. Stay tuned for other post made by me. If you have any questions or statements leave them in the comments below. Until next time, Waddle on!

-Blaze Jr



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