Unicorn Puffle Appears in “Inside Out Thought Bubbles”

Hello Penguins!

Earlier this week, I downloaded an app from the Apple App Store. The app is called “Inside Out Thought Bubbles”. As you can probably tell from the name of the app, it’s an “Inside Out” app. “Inside Out Thought Bubbles” is a free “Inside Out” themed bubble shooter puzzle game made by Disney. The player must fire memories (different colored bubbles) from the cannon at the bottom of the screen, to memories (different colored bubbles) above. Different levels have a different objective. On some levels, the player must rescue Mind Workers by clearing the memories around them. And on some levels, the player must stop the memories above from going below a red line. There are some more fun objectives. The player can also use special power-ups, with help from the 5 emotions, Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and Anger. The player starts with just 1 emotion, Joy. A new emotion is unlocked when a certain amount of levels have been cleared. The player must clear each emotion’s colour to charge their power-up. Yellow for Joy, Blue for Sadness, Purple for Fear, Green for Disgust, and Red for Anger. However, only 1 emotion can be used in a level.

Here’s the app icon for “Inside Out Thought Bubbles”:

Inside Out Thought Bubbles-App Icon

Here’s the home screen for “Inside Out Thought Bubbles”

Inside Out Thought Bubbles-Home Screen

And here’s some screenshots from “Inside Out Thought Bubbles”:

Inside Out Thought Bubbles-Screenshot 1

Inside Out Thought Bubbles-Screenshot 2

Inside Out Thought Bubbles-Screenshot 3

Inside Out Thought Bubbles-Screenshot 4

To find out more about “Inside Out Thought Bubbles”, visit Disney’s FAQ page by clicking HERE.

If you’re interested in downloading “Inside Out Thought Bubbles”. Click where you’d like to download it from, on the list below.

Apple App Store™

Google Play Store™

Windows Store™

Windows Phone Store™

If you’re under 13, remember to ask a parent/guardian before you download “Inside Out Thought Bubbles”!

Has anyone downloaded “Inside Out Thought Bubbles”? If you have, what do you think of it? Be sure to leave a comment below.

You’re probably wondering why I’m writing a post about “Inside Out Thought Bubbles” on Club Penguin Reveals. “Inside Out Thought Bubbles” isn’t linked to Club Penguin at all, right? Well, when I was checking out the level map on “Inside Out Thought Bubbles”, I noticed something.

Here’s a screenshot of what I noticed. What do you notice? Be sure to leave a comment below:

Inside Out Thought Bubbles-Unicorn Puffle

There’s a Unicorn Puffle!

Unicorn Puffle


The Unicorn Puffle on “Inside Out Thought Bubbles” is obviously hidden because of the Inside Out Party that will be on Club Penguin (July 23-August 5) and on the Club Penguin App (July 23-August 29).

I think it’s quite clever how a Unicorn Puffle has been hidden on “Inside Out Thought Bubbles”. What do you all think? Be sure to leave a comment below.

It’d be good if Club Penguin hid stuff from Club Penguin more often. Who agrees? Be sure to leave a comment below.

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