Hey guys,

Jon here with some exclusive information regarding a special Club Penguin Halloween animation hitting your television screens soon!

An employee of ‘Factory Create’ had revealed that the team and him are working on creating Monster Beach Party (already airing) and a Halloween special (airing soon)

Here is a screenshot of the employee’s statement:

As the employee states in the screenshot above, Factory Create are currently working on creating a TV special of ‘Club Penguin Halloween Panic!’. It will be aired during the month of Halloween this year and will feature a stop-motion show. Some of us have already seen one of the TV specials released already (Monster Beach Party) and it has lead to some awesome theories like ‘New Puffles‘ and a potential reveal of the ‘10th Anniversary Pary Hat‘. Again, credit to Hagrid and Riyita for those ideas 🙂

I do hope that this Club Penguin animation will be as awesome as Monster Beach Party or even better! However, I found it rather odd seeing how Club Penguin has not revealed anything themselves.

What are your thoughts on a new TV special? Let us know!



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