Club Penguin Mini-Discussion: Ninja Penguins

Hey guys,

Former Club Penguin employee, Screenhog, had been hosting a twitter Q&A tagged along with another former CP employee, Lance Priebe aka Rsnail. 

Rocketsnail had recently tweeted out the first few concept doodles of Ninja Penguins. It was great to see how the idea of ninjas had been stored in the game ever since before the official establishment of Club Penguin.

Here is screenshots of the little doodle of ‘Ninja Penguins’:      

Note: It was originally posted as .gif but there were some problems uploading it.

Rocketsnail also welcomed us to enquire anything about ‘Ninja Penguins’ and luckily enough, he answered two of my questions.

Me: Who originally thought of the idea?

Rsnail: The idea was mine.

Me: Did you guys have the concept of clothing items as part of Ninja Penguins?

Rsnail:  you could play the penguin ninjas with outfits in Penguin Chat 3. (BCP Before Club Penguin)

To see the original tweet that Screenhog posted, click HERE

It was great to have my questions answered by the man himself, Rocketsnail.

Do you have any questions on the history of Ninja Penguins? Let us know!



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