Club Penguin #ProjectSuperSecret – Express Yourself – Sneak Peek

The Club Penguin Team have been working incredibly hard for over a year now on #ProjectSuperSecret. Since they’ve been working on it they’ve only given us two short videoed sneak peeks and that is including the one I’m about to show  you. To be very honest we don’t know too much about this project at all, but for all we know it should end up changing Club Penguin for the better. Anyway, one of Club Penguin’s most talented animators has been experimenting with different actions that penguins could use to express their feelings:

The video above definitely features some ice-cool, new actions I’d surely like to be able to use to express my self online. After all, the current actions on Club Penguin are quite limited and are often both hard and frustrating to communicate with. As of now it looks as if #ProjectSuperSecret will only be for the Club Penguin Application- unless Club Penguin end up bringing the style/ animations from the app to the web version of Club Penguin? I do think that is likely especially since (if I’m not mistaken) CP did announce that through CP Next something like that would happen and with that I’m assuming that CP Next will be out before #ProjectSuperSecret.

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