Club Penguin Descendants Herbert Cave Theory?!

NOTE: This is a theory post, therefore meaning that nothing stated below is confirmed to happen.

Hello penguins!

It’s been a while since I last published a discussion-type theory post here on Club Penguin Reveals, so I thought why not publish one today?! A couple of days ago Club Penguin updated their files with two brand new, unreleased backgrounds (one of which will be released at the Fashion Party and the other during September’s Descendants Takeover). The Fashion Party background featured Dot so I’m assuming that it will be obtainable through the next Penguin Style catalogue, but on the other hand, the Descendants background features a castle surrounded by a moat, trees and a cave. Do note that the background featuring the castle is a complete clone of the Medieval Monsters game which was playable at this year’s Fair. The backgrounds are below:

Dot's 2nd Fashion Party Background

New background featuring Dot (Fashion Party 2015?)

Descendant's Background featuring Castle and Cave

Descendants Background, a clone of the Medieval Monsters game which was playable at this year’s Fair

The background above is based off of this game from the Fair 2015- so obviously Club Penguin have brought back this background featuring the cave for a reason- another reason to believe my theory below.

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 7.50.36 PM

When I first saw the Descendants background nothing really occurred to me but after looking at it for a second time I noticed something I hadn’t previously. After looking at it the second time I noticed a cave to the left of the background frame and immediately assumed that perhaps the cave could be linked with Herbert.

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 6.52.04 PM

To back this theory up, Herbert happens to have a webpage dedicated to him and Klutzy (click ‘here‘ to be redirected to it) which is occasionally updated with images of plots and locations of his. At the moment his webpage features an image containing both his plot and location. Ironically, he seems to be in a cave right now- which from the inside looks fairly similar to the exterior of the cave featured above.

Screenshot from Herbert's webpage: Club Herbert

Screenshot from Herbert’s webpage: Club Herbert

So with that said… could Herbert end up making an appearance during September’s Descendants Takeover? I guess we’ll have to find out. Based on the clues provided above everything does seem to make sense and having Herbert make an appearance during this would definitely be a grand surprise!

Please do leave your thoughts below!



8 thoughts on “Club Penguin Descendants Herbert Cave Theory?!

  1. Sorry to spoil it, but that’s a Medieval and Monsters bg, that isn’t Herbert’s cave, and that bg won’t be given from meeting Dot. Sorry but it’s all wrong.


  2. There may be multiple rooms within the cave… so you never know? Perhaps the room Herbert’s in is deep within. Most caves don’t tend to have doors. Thanks for your comment though.


  3. Indeed- the background is a complete replica of the Medieval Monsters game that was playable at the Fair 2015…. but how do you know it’s not Herbert’s cave? Obviously Club Penguin have brought back the landscape for a reason- the Descendants Party. There’s nothing that proves Herbert isn’t affiliated with the cave. And as for the Dot background I’m aware that she already has a giveaway background as I posted about it the other day but I’m assuming this background will be available at the Fashion Party whether it be through Dot or most likely a new catalogue. 🙂


  4. It’s not Herbert’s cave because we saw the exact same one in the PSA missions, when you’re lost in the forest.


  5. I love this theory, but evidence points to it as not possible. I like it because on the webpage, Herbert is shown in the Forest cave, from which you can see the Mine Shack, transformed in to the castle/school for the party. However – Herbert appearing takes extensive work for the story team because they can’t allow a let-down party involving Herbert, their best storyline! They’re working hard on November and October, so maybe try digging up theories for those months, that would be exciting. Waddle on! 🙂


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