Penguin Chat 3: Interview with a Citizen From Club Penguin’s Original Game

Today I interviewed a resident of Penguin Chat 3, one of Club Penguin’s original format games. This citizen has been around BEFORE the lovable website we know today and actually vividly remembers the release of Club Penguin! Here’s what he had to say:


Me: Hello Mr. Buddy4344, it’s great I have the opportunity to talk to you.

Buddy4344: Great to talk to you too Peri! I can’t wait to share some of my experiences on Penguin Chat 3 and old CP.

Me: Splendid! So, can you explain what it was like to be a penguin on Penguin Chat 3?

Buddy4344: It got very boring after awhile to be honest. There were no games, no customizing, and barely anyone online. You were lucky if I spent ten minutes online daily.

Me: Wow. So, I guess you are now happy there’s so much more stuff to do?

Buddy4344: Yes and no. I miss back in the good ol’ days when Disney didn’t own Club Penguin. It was so much more free spirited and had amazing parties. Do you remember the Winter Luau of 2007? That was the bomb!

Me: No, I joined later that year. How would you describe your reaction to the release of the Club Penguin website?

Buddy4344: I thought it was just going to be another Penguin Chat, y’know. That in a couple of years it would be replaced by like a Club Penguin 2. But luckily I was wrong.

Me: How do you feel about CP’s 10th anniversary?

Buddy4344: I am so pumped. I can still remember the old red penguin at the DJ booth in the night club. Heck, I still remember when that room was called the night club! Now, we are here. There’s so many memories I have and I can’t wait to make some more!

Me: Have you heard how they are changing certain rooms to older parties during the anniversary?

Buddy4344: Yes, I indeed have. This seems like such a great opportunity for some nostalgia between older penguins and it may even bring some of us elders back. You never know! I just hope the CP team doesn’t rig it to were they don’t even count the votes and just make it one of the newer suggestions just to avoid that old nostalgia feeling. If they do I may cry! Lol!

Me: What is one memory you have on CP that seems extremely precious to you?

Buddy4344: I remember when I logged on Club Penguin through that one website, Mini Clip, and just being so happy to see it always on the top games. I remember logging on and seeing two tables where the stage used to be. I can even recall back when there were no themed igloo parties. There was seriously just parties. Little things like that mean the world to me.

Me: What has been your favorite parties so far?

Buddy4344: A lot of the old ones with sucky graphics come to my mind. Especially the Puffle Party of 2009. My friends and I would always hang out in the dance club, y’know, since we loved purple puffles. I also loved the Christmas Party of 2008. There would be Christmas trees and stockings everywhere! It was so beautiful! I also fancied the Halloween Party of 2006. There was like a whole shock of how the island had turned to night. I just remember going around with my friends pretending to trick or treat at the random rooms around the island. And people would actually go along with it and give us candy! But, my favorite of all the parties would have to be The Great Storm of 2010. Man, I can still see all of those random penguins sitting around the island telling us to get in the boiler room to get to safety. That party was one of the best.

Me: I remember all of those parties you just said except the Halloween Party, and I must agree, those were pretty awesome. Now, I am going to turn the tables. Name me your least favorite parties.

Buddy4344: The Frozen Fever Party, hands down. One of the most pathetic parties Club Penguin has pushed out so far. Sure, the original one was decent, but this one was simply after a cartoon short. It was completely and utterly awful. Most of the parties from 2014 on have been kind of suckish except for a few. Like the Halloween Party last year, that was okay. Or the Inside Out party we just had. That one left me shocked that it wasn’t entirely stupid, since it was after all a takeover. And I have way high hopes for this one coming up.

Me: Are you a beta penguin?

Buddy4344: I wish. I figured out that Penguin Chat 3 had released the new game about a month after the beta party. Technically, I’m not a beta penguin but I sure am close.

Me: Do you prefer EPF or PSA?

Buddy4344: Obviously PSA. Those old blue phones and entering the agency via the Sports Shop dressing room are the first things I can think of. The Secret of the Fur mission actually got me scared at times. I would just like stop in the middle of playing it and quit. I got that frightened! I still don’t know why though.

Me: Lastly, are you still an active penguin?

Buddy4344: Of course. Every time I log on it’s like reliving my childhood. It gives me chills sometimes. Lol.

Me: Well thanks for talking to me Buddy4344.

Buddy4344: It has been my pleasure. It really brought some good memories back talking to y’all about old CP and stuff like that. Anyway, bye Peri!

So there you have it. If you want to talk to Buddy4344 right now just add him on Club Penguin. He’s always online and will sure get to your request! Thanks to Buddy4344 for letting me interview him. How long have you guys been on Club Penguin? Do you guys miss the old parties and such?



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