Club Penguin NEW VIDEO: Meet Dot! 

Hey guys,
Jon here and the Club Penguin Youtube channel has just uploaded a new video. It is entitled ‘Meet Dot- The Design Gal’ and it features the different disguises and personalities Dot can showcase. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

There has been lots of speculation over Club Penguin previously unveiling Dot’s new look in which she is wearing a colourful dress. Lots of penguins were annoyed over this as this was too much of a change from her former attire. Well, hate to say it, but some of you misjudged! She has several disguises! She has kept her original attire but Club Penguin tweaked a bit with graphic updates. 😉

Anyhoo, here was the video for you all to watch! Oh and by the way, I was the first view of the video! 🙂

My views are positive this time, I really liked the video. Relieved to find out she has several disguises and not just one! Very interesting, Club Penguin. Thanks for the great video! 

What are your thoughts on Dot having several disguises? Let us know!




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