Club Penguin Fashion Festival 2015 Walkthrough

Club Penguin’s Fashion Festival 2015 has finally begun! The party started on August 27, and will end on September 9


Upon logging in to a server, you will see Dot the Gadget Gal.


Welcome to the Fashion Festival, where you can share your style with the whole island! First, go to one of the runways to submit an outfit.

Click the icon on the top right corner of your screen to access your fashion portfolio. You will be able to see the number of outfits you have submitted for the Fashion Challenge, the challenges, and more.


For now, there are three challenges that you may partake in; the Everything Squid challenge, the Animal Kingdom challenge, and the Gold and Graceful challenge. Each challenge will end on August 29, when it will be replaced by three new challenges. Non-members will only have one challenge ticket, but while members will also start off with one challenge ticket, they will be able to vote for others’ outfit submissions, which gives them more challenge tickets. Without further ado, these are the rooms for each challenge.

Everything Squid room:


Animal Kingdom room:


Gold and Graceful room:


In addition, Club Penguin has decorated the WHOLE island for once! From the Lighthouse to the Iceberg, they even decorated the window at the Puffle Lodge Attic!



Finally, there are five special emotes that can be used during the Fashion Festival. However, they will be gone once the party ends. Anyway, these are the special emotes.


Are you enjoying the Fashion Festival? I like the concept of the party, and appreciate the fact that Club Penguin managed to decorate the whole island, from major rooms to minor details. Would rate this party at a 7/10 so far. Leave a comment below!



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