Puffle Wild Has Been Retired

Remember Club Penguin’s Puffle Wild app? For a while now, whenever I tried to login to it, it just crashes. Well, apparently it’s been retired. Here’s the article on their help page:

Puffle Wild for iOS has now been retired. Although it was a tough choice to make, it allows us to focus on building new and more engaging game.

You can still play the Puffle Wild app if it’s downloaded on your device. We won’t be making any updates to the game though, and you can’t log into your Club Penguin account or make in-app purchases.

We really appreciate your support and understanding!

Please note that Disney Interactive is not responsible for providing refunds or credits for any virtual items, in-game currency, or other items that may be no longer available once a game is shut down. For more information, please see Disney Terms of Use.

Oh well, it was pretty much useless anyways, with the new Puffle Wild Reserve in the actual game. Club Penguin should add releasing puffle creatures back to the wild into the game, though.

What do you think?

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