Club Penguin Blog- 10th Anniversary Celebration!

Today’s the big day! In a few hours, the huge party called CP Reunion will be starting. Even Megg(bot)’s posted about it! Here are the details.

Greetings Feathered Friends,
It is I, Meggbot the Almighty Ruler of the Blog here with a very important announcement.
Tomorrow marks 10 WHOLE YEARS of Club Penguin. Lucky for you, a few passionate members of our community have organized a giant online meet-up to help celebrate. 
There’s even a rumor that well-known penguins will be in attendance… I’m not a fan of parties, so I, of course, will stay here and maintain control of the blog.
If you’re interested, here’s all the information you need:
I suppose I should thank KingBoo8884, Mrzero3, Pen50gi, Spikey2007, Bacon, Claire 62, Pup1one, Rosytilly and Jdan1001 for organizing this meet-up. Well done penguins, your enthusiasm is inspiring — I shall let this party commence accordingly.
Well, I must get back to my very important daily duties. Enjoy your party.
-Meggbot the Almighty Ruler of the Blog
Haha, I must admit, I’m a little jealous of all those penguins I know being listed on the blog. Even MrZero3 and Pen50gi, both members of the CP Reveals team, are on there. But congrats to everyone who was listed, and thanks for planning such an awesome party!
CP Reunion is going to be a legendary party to remember. I hope to see you guys there!

What do you think?

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