Uh oh. After giving us some cool behind-the-scenes info during the 10th Anniversary Party, Meggbot has gone haywire!

MUAHAHAHA. The time has finally come, my feathery friends… time for the MEGGBOT TAKEOVER. 
(Bet you didn’t see that one coming, did you?)
The blog is now mine. And for my first order of business, you will refer to me as MEGGBOT THE ALMIGHTY RULER OF THE BLOG. Or else…
That’s all for today. Come back tomorrow at 9:00am PST sharp for my next order of business. 
-Meggbot the Almighty Ruler of the Blog
Lol, as a matter of fact I did see it coming. Quick, here’s some things that will scare the Meggbot (as well as the real Megg)!

What do you think?

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