Desktop Discussion: Favorite Memory From These Past 10 Years?

Today is October 24, 2015. This day means only one thing… Club Penguin’s 10th anniversary. Club Penguin has been important to myself, the staff at C.P.R., and you, the reader for quite a while. Club Penguin has given us all lasting memories we won’t soon forget, some good, some bad. So, for this Desktop Discussion I want to know, what is your absolute favorite Club Penguin memory?

Interested in my favorite memory? Well, before you read this, I’d like to let you know I am well aware of how untrue this may sound, I still scratch my beak and wonder if it really happened. I was brand new to Club Penguin and eager to meet Sensei, but unfortunately, I had no luck. My day was especially bad, as the only reason I was tracking our beloved teacher for hours on end was because I was quite ill at home. I eventually gave up and went to my all-time favorite server, Sleet. I then proceeded to chat with my friend, when he offered to play in in a round of Card-Jitsu. I of course being a master accepted his challenge and went to the dojo. What happened next? We played a round of Card-Jitsu, I was the winner mind you, then we stopped, and I angrily proclaimed how I never thought I’d meet my favorite mascot (at the time), Sensei. He told me not to worry, and that everything would work out. I didn’t believe him until the unmistakably gray penguin waddled in. He told us he was on a mission to meet his students. Sensei was there, talking! I was shocked, not just because of the fact he somewhat miraculously appeared, but more so because my friend and I were literally the only people in the room. We chatted with Sensei, waiting for the crowds to come, but they never did. I being the investigator I was asked would there ever be a Card-Jitsu Fire to which he responded, “Of course young grasshopper, all elements will find their own ways.” I told many bloggers about this experience, but no one believed me. I think we all know the validity of his response. You also now know the reason I became a blogger. That is my most beloved Club Penguin Memory.

~ Desktop


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