Halloween Party 2015 Walkthrough

After an amazing 10th Anniversary Party, the Halloween Party 2015 is in full swing! When you login, Gary will greet you. Or at least come to you for help.

He will tell you to go to the Mine Shack, where the Gary bot is wreaking havoc!

Gary will tell you that in order to stop the robots, we’ll need to find their greatest fears, show them to the robots and shut them down. Gary’s fear is… decaf coffee. So go to the Coffee Shop and grab some. But wait…

This place is trashed! It’s like the aftermath of a wild high school party in here. Well, the 10th Anniversary was a pretty big deal. Anyways, once you grab the coffee, head back to the Mine Shack. Show it to the Gary bot, which will cause it to “die” of fright. Better yet, deactivate. Once you do that, you’ll have to play a deactivating mini-game. You might remember the goal of this game as being similar to the boiler fixing in PSA mission #8, “Mysterious Tremors”.

Once you do that, Gary will reward you.

There are many more robots that will show up every day for you to deactivate. Or if you don’t want to wait, you can login to the Club Penguin App to do the whole quest early.

Members can adopt ghost puffles at the Dock during the party, and transform into a rouge robot at the Beach. There are also TONS of rooms decorated this year. Some rooms that haven’t been decorated in a long time (or ever) have received light decorations this year.

This party is amazing, I love it! What do you guys think about it?


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