Club Penguin Reunion Highlights

As I am sure many of you were aware yesterday was Club Penguin’s 10th anniversary, and to celebrate fans of Club Penguin (including our own Mrzero3!) hosted a major party on Club Penguin, know as Club Penguin Reunion (CPReunion for short). What was unexpected was that this party became officially backed by Club Penguin, as seen here. This was a big deal. In fact, there are reports of all major Club Penguin staff arriving (aside from Happy77, the reason remains unknown.) I, being the five-star reporter I am, and Club Penguin enthusiast had to go, and take some sweet picture.

Before the party even started officially on the server Marshmallow, Businesmoose, had other plans. I found him on Fjord. I can’t say I took the best photos of him (what can I say, he was the first staff I’ve seen in years, I was screaming like a fan girl, haha!) I arrived somewhat late to meet Businesmoose but I did meet someone else on Fjord….

Me arriving late, Moose saying

Me arriving late, Moose saying “wow nice view from here”



Then, out of no where, Polo arrives, even Moose was surprised!


Polo, crashing the party!

Polo saying everyone CP

Meeting Polo 1st time

Polo’s playercard

I, being curious noticed his igloo was open so….

Polo's Igloo

Polo’s Igloo!

I then went back to the beacon to find he was gone! So I used twitter, and with the help of some friends discovered he went to the Ski Lodge, this is where things got epic! He told us it was almost time for the official CPReunion and to meet him, “Same room Marshmallow” I immediately fled there and found him again.

Polo was sick apparently yesterday, such class showing up anyway!

Polo was sick apparently yesterday, such class showing up anyway!

I was very polite to Polo, and as a reward he did some pretty sweet things back for me:

Polo saying hi to me, Desktop!

Polo saying hi to me, Desktop! (Sorry for the Find Four logo, I had to take the photo as soon as possible.)

Polo telling me he likes my name, can you blame him?

Polo telling me he likes my name, can you blame him?

Polo then did something so nice, I’ll never forget. He became the first official staff member to send me a postcard!


Polo then told us (I do not have a picture of this), that other moderators had come online, I already have met Polo twice (I met him that day, and once before on another account) thanked him for the postcard and experience and told him I was going to try to meet some other staff members.He told me to wait though and told everyone to follow him, he took us to the Ski Village and….

Rocket Snail, one of the original founders of Club Penguin! : O

Rocket Snail, one of the original founders of Club Penguin! : O

Billybob, another one of the original founders of Club Penguin!

Billybob, another one of the original founders of Club Penguin!

Both Rsnail, and Billybob were there! At this point I sorta ‘dropped the camera’ and enjoyed the experience for myself (sorry you guys!) Polo was relaxing in the background, he sort of accepted he wasn’t at the top of the food chain for the time being. I tried my best to add and/or get a postcard from Rsnail and Billybob, but to no avail. They then both said they had to go, and disappeared. I figured I would check around the server to see if any other staff members were online. I found Megg, and Deamama!


Megg! (Can not locate Deamama in this photo)

I did not take a photo of Deamama, because truthfully, I could not remember if she was an actual staff member or not. I did get a postcard from Megg and Deamama (who did turn out to be an actual staff member):

She knows me so well!

She knows me so well!

Megg's postcard

Megg’s postcard

I then via twitter heard rumors of someone spotting Gizmo, so I said goodbye to Megg and Deamama, and went to investigate, and sure enough…

Gizmo's Playercard

Gizmo’s Playercard

Gizmo then did something I was glad to get a picture of, Gizmo became a gizmo:

Gizmo in Robot form!

Gizmo in Robot form!

I even ran into Trainman, another well-known Club Penguin blogger.


Unfortunately, Gizmo did not speak much, and quite frankly he was not the most friendly staff member. He would not respond to anyone’s question, and did not postcard me, or anyone else (to the best of my knowledge). I later encountered him two other times (photos not available), and neither times did he send me a postcard, but both times he left without a formal goodbye. I did on the bright side run into an old friend, Wicked Wickz (for those of you who do not know, she is a retired Club Penguin YouTuber who peaked around 2012, and one of my best, and oldest Club Penguin friends). Then, while looking for other staff I ran into Chrisdog93, where I erm….

Can you blame me?

Can you blame me?

I then finally barreled my way into the town, where I encountered Billybob!


He then told us all to say “Happy Birthday to CP”, which he later posted on his twitter. Here’s my version of the photo, taken seconds before he took his:

This was the last encounter with a moderator during Club Penguin Reunion, or so most people thought. I stayed on the server for about two hours after the party unofficially ended when I saw something, or should I say someone shocking:


If you look closely, you can see next to me yelling “AWESOME!”, Rsnail, running by (light blue penguin, red viking helmet)!

I was fortunate enough to get a postcard from him at this second time around. What is especially cool about the postcard is in sometimes it’s signed from “Rsnail” and sometimes from “rsnail”. Take a look!

Rsnail postcard

Side Note: While at the party many “celebrity” penguins were spotted, such as Monchoco, Cena12121, and Wwe Adam (seen below).


This ends the part of this post about CPReunion on Club Penguin, but some events occurred on twitter!

I wanted to thank Rsnail for randomly coming back and sending me a postcard so I tweeted to him, and to my surprise, he responded back!


That’s not all! Remember how I mentioned how nice Polo was during the meetup, and how I found Gizmo to be rather impolite? Well, I tweeted about this:


In response, this happened:

Polo Favorites

Polo favorited my tweet about how nice he was and how not-so-nice Gizmo was! I don’t recall anything similar ever occurring. I then Direct Messaged him, and:


In case you cannot tell what was typed I said to him, “I’d like to thank you for showing up to #CPReunion, and for being such a good sport sending me a postcard, saying hi to me, signing my virtual keyboard, and favoriting my tweet. It was pretty sweet of you. If I may ask what do you have planned now that you’ve left CP, like what games are you going to be a part of, I’d love to check them out!” to which Polo responds, “Thanks Desktop! Yeah, we’re going to make some little games in the future. We’ll keep you posted :)” So, not only was the reunion cool on Club Penguin it was cool on twitter as well.

Hmm, perhaps that Desktop Discussion on your favorite Club Penguin memory needs to be edited, I think yesterday’s Club Penguin Reunion is my favorite Club Penguin memory.

Please Note: The chronological order of the events that occurred were based entirely on my memory, it is possible there are some errors in what happened when. Although, all events mentioned most certainly happened.

~ Desktop


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