Crossword Puzzle Words! (SPOILERS)

Hey everyone! I’m sure you all read my buddy Chilly’s post about Meggbot’s crossword puzzle. If you have not read his post click here. I have found more words than the eleven Meggbot said there would be, so I may be wrong. In fact, I feel only around 9 of the words I have found are accurate, although they’re certainly worth mentioning. Here’s what I have found.


Mustaches, Herbert, Puffle(s), Power, Fat, Rookie, Projectsupersecret, Encounters, EPF, Tie, Sandwhichday.

I am likely wrong as to fat, and tie, but you know how Club Penguin can be (haha). This is pretty big news, next months party will likely be EPF related, as seen by EPF, and Herbert. We already are aware of a mustache event, but “Sandwich Day”? Awesome! It should be noted “rookie” is right under it. Could he be making an appearance? Moving on, let’s look at “Projectsupersecret” I have no earthly idea what this could be in reference to, as much of the project is well, super secret. Puffles are coming, but also power? Of all the words I could find the only to directly connected (via letter sharing) were puffle(s), and power. What could “puffle(s) power” be? I’m ecstatic about the word paint, could we penguins be expecting a new color next month? Did you find a word that was added accidentally, because clearly I am the smartest person ever, and I surely found all the hidden words? Did you spot any words I missed? What words are you most excited about? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

~ Desktop


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