Halloween Party 2015: How to Defeat the Final Boss (SPOILERS)

The last Halloween Party quest has unlocked today (on the computer), meaning that it’s time to solve the mystery of the malfunctioning robots! But first, let’s defeat the Rookie bot. You have to grab some clown makeup from the Arcade.

Once you do that, go back to Rookie bot in the Plaza, and show it to him. Like all the other bots, this one will have a fear overload. After you deactivate Rookie bot, he will slip up and tell you about… a secret lair in the Coffee Shop? Thanks to Gary for programming the robots with the individual’s personalities.

Okay Rookie, you warn the EPF. But let’s go to the Coffee Shop, where a secret passage with an ominous green glow has been revealed. What could be down there…

It’s HERBERT! And Klutzy! He will talk to Klutzy about his plan to take over the island with his Herbot if the mascbots (that he rigged) don’t scare us away. However, the Herbot wants all the glory to itself. Pulling a traditional cliche, he turns on his owner and traps Herbert and Klutzy in a cage. Gary will appear on the computer screen and ask Herbert what his greatest fear is. Unfortunately he won’t comply, so it’s so up to us to stop Herbot!

It’s actually pretty easy. When the Herbot is under the big laser, throw a snowball at the target on it. It will zap Herbot and open its control panel. Once again, we have to deactivate the robot. It’s a little more sophisticated this time, though. Herbot will blow up, also destroying Herbert and Klutzy’s cage. Of course, they will escape. I’m sure we’ll deal with them next month. But congratulations, you’ve beaten Herbert and his robot menace Herbot P. Fazbear!


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