New EPF Handbook Released!

Well, isn’t this unexpected? Club Penguin’s released a brand new handbook in the EPF HQ, all about the EPF agents and villains. It’s spilling with secrets and info! It kind of reminds me of the F.I.S.H from the PSA. While I’m not going to show the whole thing here (like always, I prefer to check most things out in-game), there are a couple things I’d like to go into detail about. My specialty! Well, sort of.

First off, this page is very intriguing.

A new recruit in the EPF? It happens all the time (even to those less deserving these days), but he must be important to get his own page in this handbook. I think I know who it is too. All of these facts point to one penguin… the technical knowledge and passion… music and sound related hints spread throughout the page… the silhouette… it has to be FRANKY.

You know, with Franky’s knowledge of technology and sound it seems appropriate that he joined the EPF. Do his friends know about it?

Another interesting thing I saw was this.

Scorn’s only been involved in something on Club Penguin one time (in the past 10 years, that is). For them to give him a whole page in the EPF handbook must mean he could come back at some point. Skip didn’t get his own page in the handbook (albeit being mentioned in a secret part of Gary’s page). Where do you think Scorn is now, and could he planning another attack on Club Penguin next year?

There’s so much more inside the handbook I recommend you check out for yourself. What does Gary think of the Sport Shop today? Are some of the villains secretly forming an alliance? The answers, and more, are in the EPF Handbook.


What do you think?

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