Extreme Paint Festival At Dock!

Along with this week’s updates, the Extreme Paint Festival has started at the Dock. There are two objectives of this event, which is to throw blobs of paint in place of snowballs to make paintings, and to cover up a future EPF (Extreme Paint Festival) operation. Upon logging in, Rookie will greet you and inform about the event’s location.


Heya! There’s an Extreme Paint Festival at the Dock. It’s TOTALLY all that’s happening there.

Head over to the Dock to check out the event. There’s a huge sheet covering a mysterious object – which probably has something to do with the EPF operation. Various colors of paint may be seen blanketing the snow. Also, there is a blank canvas near the bottom right, which you may use to make four different paintings, simply by throwing paint on it.


Here’s one of the paintings that can be made.


If randomly throwing balls of paint at an empty canvas could result in a masterpiece, I could sell it and make a million bucks ( If only this could happen in real life 😛 )

Anyway, I like the concept of this party and hopefully Club Penguin will continue organizing mini-events like this. Did you like this event? Leave a comment below!



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