Club Penguin Blog- Lights in the Sky!

Megg’s posted on the What’s New Blog regarding the weird beams of light in the sky. Here’s what she said:

Hi Penguins!
This may sound strange… but you guys trust me, right?
Okay so… I’ve seen WEIRD things. Just yesterday I saw a light in the sky beam up a penguin. No, really! She was there one second and then POOF… gone!
When I saw her again she was wearing a tinfoil hat. Isn’t that nuts?! And AWESOME, obviously. I’ve been seeing more and more penguins wearing them.
It can’t just be me who’s noticed!
Maybe the lights are from weather balloons…. right?
-Club Penguin Team
Hmm… I don’t know Megg. Maybe they’re UFO beams, but… they’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky (okay, I don’t know WHAT came over me here).
Anyway, I thought tinfoil hats were supposed to protect people from alien mind control. So why would the aliens be giving penguins an item that can be used against them? Or is there some other purpose for the tinfoil hats? Give me your theories!

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