Club Penguin Operation Crustacean Walkthrough

Following the abduction of penguins by UFOs for the past two weeks, the EPF has finally commenced their first operation in two years to investigate these events; Operation Crustacean.

Upon logging in, you may notice that even the Club Penguin logo is getting abducted!


Jet Pet Guy will appear on your screen, informing you to head over to the Extreme Paint Festival at the Dock.


There is a situation. Come to the ”Extreme Paint Festival.”

Once you are at the Dock, Jet Pet Guy will inform you about the Klutzy’s disappearance, and Area 501’s purpose.


The EPF needs you – Klutzy is missing and Herbert is in Area 501. He’s asking us for help. Probably a trap, but we need to investigate.

Waddle over to Area 501. Once you’re inside, you’ll see Herbert and Jet Pack Guy.


Finally! Why are we still here!? Klutzy’s stuck in that UFO!




You heard that right. The Director has asked you to escort him onto the alien craft.

Enter the UFO through this platform.


Once you’re inside, you’ll find Klutzy safe and sound.


Klutzy! You’re okay!


Well hello there. What a beautiful power supply you are…YOINK!


Let’s go Klutzy. You won’t want to stay on this ship now. See ya, Extraordinarily Pathetic Fish-breath! 


I knew that was going to happen. You can still save the UFO. Go to the Engine Room and restore the Back-Up Power.

Herbert has stolen the UFO’s main power supply! In order to restore power for the UFO, you will need to waddle over to the Engine Room.

However, before carrying on with the mission, feel free to adopt an Alien Puffle! The Green Alien Puffle is available for both non-members and members, while other colors are meant for members only.




Enter the room which states ‘Back-Up Power’


You will need to find your way through this maze and collect all three keys in order to restore the power back to the UFO.




Once you have collected all three keys, completing the maze, Jet Pack Guy will appear once again to congratulate you and allow you to claim a free background as a reward.


Solid work. The ship is secure, but we’ll monitor it.

Congratulations, you have completed the first mission!


However…there are still three more tasks left to complete, on November 21, November 24, and November 27. Click the EPF icon on the top right corner of your screen.


You will be able to adopt puffles, claim free items, or proceed to Area 501.


In addition, there are three new emotes specially for this party.


Overall, I believe Operation: Crustacean is a disappointment, considering the success of Club Penguin’s last two parties. There’s nothing much to do in this party after completing the tasks, so, I would rate it at 5/10.

What are your opinions regarding Operation: Crustacean? Leave a comment below!





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