Operation Crustacean Emergency Thrusters UFO Task Now Available!

Operation Crustacean’s second UFO task has been unlocked, Upon logging in to Club Penguin, Jet Pack Guy will appear and instruct you to head over to Area 501 for the mission.

Screenshot at Nov 23 18-22-19

There’s a new red alert on the UFO. Beam up in Area 501 and see if you can help again.

There will be an alarm signal at the UFO to indicate the threat detected. Don’t worry, waddle towards the Engine Room to help out.

Screenshot at Nov 23 18-48-09

Enter the room which states ‘Emergency Thrusters’.

Screenshot at Nov 23 18-53-58

You will need to collect the three keys in the room in order to complete the task.



Screenshot at Nov 23 18-56-06

Poor me…anyway, once you have found all three keys, Jet Pack Guy will congratulate you and give you a background for your hard work.

Screenshot at Nov 23 18-58-38

Solid work. The ship is secure, but we’ll monitor it.

The next two tasks, the ‘Gamma Shields’ and the ‘Gyro Stabilizer’ tasks, will be unlocked on November 24 and November 27 respectively.

Screenshot at Nov 23 19-01-32




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