Operation Crustacean Gamma Shields Mission Guide

Operation Crustacean’s third mission, Gamma Shields, has now been released! Like the previous two missions, Jet Pack Guy will require you to proceed to Area 501.

Screenshot at Nov 26 16-02-25

There’s a new red alert on the UFO.  Beam up in Area 501 and see if you can help again.

Enter the UFO, followed by the Engine Room.

Screenshot at Nov 26 16-33-10

Now, you will need to enter the Gamma Shields room and waddle from one end of the dark room to the other end.

Screenshot at Nov 26 16-17-44

Screenshot at Nov 26 16-41-41

Once you have reached the other end of the room, you will have to find your way through another dark room, but this time you will need to collect three keys.

Screenshot at Nov 26 16-48-16

Anyway, when you have collected all three keys, Jet Pack Guy will appear and reward you with a free background.

Screenshot at Nov 26 16-50-39

Solid work. The ship is secure, but we’ll monitor it.

These are the answers for collecting all three keys, thus solving the maze.

Screenshot at Nov 26 16-53-58

Be sure to check out Club Penguin Reveals on November 27 for the Gyro Stabilizer maze guide!












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