Club Penguin Operation Crustacean Gyro Stabilizer Mission Cheats

The final mission of Operation Crustacean is out now! After logging in to Club Penguin, you will see Jet Pack Guy, who will ask you to proceed to the Engine Room.

Screenshot at Nov 28 15-29-10

There’s a new red alert on the UFO. Beam up in Area 501 and see if you can help again.

Like in the previous three missions, head over to Area 501, then enter the UFO’s Engine Room.

Screenshot at Nov 28 15-36-59

Enter the room which states ‘Gyro Stabilizer’, and solve the maze inside to claim a free background.

Screenshot at Nov 28 15-38-53

In order to solve the maze, you will need to find your way from one end of the room to the other end.

Screenshot at Nov 28 15-42-46

Once you have successfully solved the maze, there will be another challenge awaiting you at the next room. You will have to collect all three keys inside before you can claim your prize.

Screenshot at Nov 28 15-51-14

Without further ado, here’s the answer for collecting all three keys.

Screenshot at Nov 28 16-04-54

Jet Pack Guy will appear again to congratulate you with a reward after you have found all three keys, thus solving the maze.

Screenshot at Nov 28 15-53-38

Solid work. The ship is secure, but we’ll monitor it.

The Director will also send you a message, thanking you for your work throughout Operation Crustacean, and also mentioning that the alien puffles are available for adoption.

Screenshot at Nov 28 15-54-26

Excellent work. You’ve stablized the UFO for now, but they can’t fly into space. Club Penguin has some new citizens.


That’s about all for the missions in Operation Crustacean. Which mission did you like the most and why? Tell us your opinions below!–





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