Resignation From C.P.R.

I quit

A good majority of the team’s members have shown no respect towards me; (the few exceptions being Chilly, and one of my best friends, Pen50gi.) Especially MrZero3, who I previously thought of as one of my best friends. MrZero3, has brought to my attention that he will be leaving Club Penguin, and Club Penguin Blogging (I apologize for making this public, in an undesirable manner,)  and will be leaving his website to Chilly (good for him, he’s a great person,) and Penguin 43 (not the best choice.)

However, what he did not bring to my attention was how much he appreciated me, nor even offered to leave the site to me, even though for the last month I practically ran the site, and for a long time I have been the utmost active member. The purpose of this post is not to harm the website’s reputation, it is merely to explain why I am leaving.This post may be deleted, and I am ok with that; it should be noted this post reflects no views by MrZero3, or the team, only myself. I loved this website as if it were my own, as for a very long time it was the only website I worked for, and I would like to thank Zero for that.

I have recently been given greater opportunities in the Club Penguin blogging field, and I was genuinely hurt by Zero’s actions, and some not-so-nice things I was told by other team members. I am still an administrator for this website, and have the power to completely, and utterly ruin the website. I being much more professional have decided the best course of action would be to voice my concerns, and write my formal resignation. I recommend if you are in a similar situation you do the same.

So what does the future hold for me? Well, I plan to continue blogging about Club Penguin, and already have two awesome jobs! I am an administrator for the most popular Club Penguin website, and an increasingly popular website, (respectively.) So, if you would like to continue reading my “Desktop Discussions,” or just love my posts in general, I recommend you visit those sites, and follow me on Twitter.

Thank you Zero, and for giving my experience in the field of blogging; good, bad, or otherwise you will not be forgotten!




2 thoughts on “Resignation From C.P.R.

  1. Having worked for Club Penguin Reveals, I can more or less the same thing. I did feel like I was the only one doing hard work (maybe also Penguin43) at my time, but when I expressed that in my post it was deleted. However Mrzero3 did accept his mistake and bought it back. You’ve made some good posts and deserve to be acknowledged. I will definitely still view your posts. Good luck in the future. I am extremely surprised by the decision for Mrzero3 to quit…Thanks for sharing.

    PS: I do not think this comment will be accepted and to whoever is declining it, FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

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