An Update


Hey everyone!

It’s been quite a long time, hasn’t it? Indeed. Some of you may follow me on Twitter and will understand most of the reasons behind my inactivity, whereas some of you might not and may want to find out. This post will hopefully provide answers to some of your guys’ questions in relation the continuation of Club Penguin Reveals, the team and myself, Mrzero3. Without further ado, let’s get started:



Where has Mrzero3 been? 

Yes- in case you haven’t noticed, Mrzero3 has been quite inactive for the past 3-4 months. Ever since school started back in late August, Mrzero3 has been overwhelmed with difficult academics in which has taken up most of his free time. What little free time Mrzero3 has had, has been spent on social life, an important aspect of being a balanced high school student. So in a nut-shell, Mrzero3 has had very little, or no time for Club Penguin-related things leading to his inactiveness.

Is Club Penguin Reveals going to continue?

Yes. Club Penguin Reveals, your favourite Club Penguin Cheats site, will continue to influence the Club Penguin community positively. As of now, we (Club Penguin Reveals) have absolutely no intentions to close down.

Current Club Penguin Reveals team members? 

Lately, there has been a ton of confusion in relation to ranks and staff members on Club Penguin Reveals, so by answering this question I’d like to clear things up and ultimately provide an updated, December 2015 team list below. The current Club Penguin Reveals team is as follows:

  • Administrator and Owner: Mrzero3
  • Administrator (Technical side of things): Pen50gi
  • Administrator (Posts and content): Penguin 43
  • NEW Administrator (Posts, content and media): Chilly573
  • Editor (Social media & community management): Periwinklechick
  • NEW Editor (Content): Dhi228
  • Contributor and Event Organiser: Buddyjosh10

Hopefully the above clears things up. For more visit our ‘team‘ page.

Rumours of Mrzero3 retiring? True or False?

If you follow me on Twitter, previously you may have seen me tweet about retiring from Club Penguin blogging. Before I go into detail, I am not going to be retiring anytime soon (that is before the start of 2016). All tweets posted by me in relation to retiring were tweeted back when I thought that retiring from blogging as a whole would was the solution to less stress. Turns out the thought of ‘retiring’ just continued to negatively affect me in the sense that I actually didn’t want to retire and ultimately just wanted to retire to get rid of another ‘deed’ (in this case, blogging). I thought over my actions and came to realise that such was the completely wrong thing to do as I do thoroughly enjoy blogging. So no, I am not going to be retiring anytime soon (before 2016). When I do consider ‘retiring from blogging’ again I will be sure to notify my followers through Twitter.

Is Club Penguin Reveals looking for more authors?

Yes. Apply here today!

It’s been a while since Club Penguin Reveals last had a party… when’s the next?

Around the week before Christmas. 😉 Keep an eye out for details soon. You won’t want to miss this…. that’s for sure!

Are there going to be update posts like these in the future? 

Yes; for sure. 

Hopefully this cleared a few things up. In a nut-shell, I’m here to stay for the timebeing and when I do plan to leave I will definitiely inform you guys primarily through Twitter.

Waddle on,



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