Club Penguin EXCLUSIVE: Migrator To Return For Holiday Party 2015?

Barcoterror1, a member of the community, had asked Megg three questions in a blog post. However, Megg only decided to answer one of them, which was regarding the Migrator’s future; whether it would be available in this year’s Holiday Party.

For penguins who may have forgotten, the Migrator was brutally destroyed by pirate crabs in last year’s Pirate Party, so, Rockhopper decided to make a new Migrator. Since then, we have not heard any news about the new Migrator, until now…

Screenshot at Nov 29 13-50-48

Question: Will the new ”Migrator” will be available during this year’s Holiday Party?

Answer: I can tell you that the new migrator will be for Project Super Secret… therefore it won’t be here for the Holiday Party, but the other Migrator will! 

Megg has just confirmed that the old Migrator will return for the Holiday Party, but how will that happen if it is destroyed? The new Migrator will only be available after Project Super Secret is released, which makes the situation more confusing.

Could Megg have made a typo, that the old Migrator is returning? Perhaps Gary could have made an invention which could simulate the old Migrator?

Tell us how you think the Migrator might return in the comments below!


Credit to Pen50gi for providing the images


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