Club Penguin Holiday Party 2015 Walkthrough

After days of waiting, the Holiday Party 2015 is finally here! It’s the last major event of 2015, and marks the return of Rockhopper and the Migrator.


Upon logging into Club Penguin, you will be greeted by Rockhopper.


Ahoy! It be time for cheer and charity. Donate to Coins for Change and earn coins by doing holiday traditions!

Holiday Traditions:

Head over to the Forest, where you’ll be able to do one of three holiday traditions which will earn you some coins. Do take note that all three traditions require you to throw snowballs at an object.

The first tradition requires you to throw snowballs (that transform into ornaments) at the large tree.


Waddle on to the Beach for the second tradition. You will need to throw snowballs (which turn into food) into the food drive boxes.


The third tradition is located at the Plaza. Throw snowballs at the bells to earn coins.




Free Items:

Head over to the Migrator and access the ‘Rockhopper’s Rare Items’ catalog.

All of the items are for members except for the Green Jolly Roger.


Penguins may also claim a free background at the Puffle Lodge by clicking on the camera.

However, the background is not a new item, so penguins who already have it may not be able to claim it.


Coins For Change 2015:

Since 2006, Club Penguin has held Coins For Change, using penguins’ coins to donate to various charities.

You may donate 100, 1000, or 10000 coins to the cause. As a reward for donating, you will receive the CFC 2015 pin.


Here’s how the pin looks like on my playercard.



Other than the free items and traditions, you may also adopt blue crystal puffles, snowman puffles, and transform into a Frost Bite creature if you’re a member.



Almost every room in Club Penguin has been decorated for the Holiday Party, here are a couple of rooms.



Santa’s Sleigh has also returned at the Arcade


Along with the Migrator, the candy version of Treasure Hunt has returned at the Captain’s Quarters.


There are three new emotes that will be temporarily be available for the duration of the party.


That’s about all for the Holiday Party 2015! Personally, I believe it’s a big improvement from last year’s Merry Walrus Party, which was badly received by many penguins. I would rate this party at a solid 8/10.

Did you like the Holiday Party 2015? Tell us what makes this year’s Holiday Party in the comments below!








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