Club Penguin 2015 – Year In Review

This year is finally coming to an end in less than a week, as January 2016 approaches. It may have been a good, average, or a rough year for you personally, but how do you think Club Penguin fared throughout 2015?

These are some of the main highlights for Club Penguin in 2015.

  • Club Penguin’s 10th anniversary
  • Puffle Wild app retired
  • Club Penguin being DDoSed by hacking groups
  • First EPF mission in two years (Operation Crustacean)
  • Premiere of ‘Monster Beach Party’ and ‘Halloween Panic!’ specials
  • Opening of the Puffle Berry Mall
  • Closure of Club Penguin’s UK office
  • Dozens of employees fired including Polo Field and Daffodaily5

Pins have been made significantly tinier and less obvious to spot than the pins from the previous year. This year has also seen a huge decrease in the number of new Puffle Creatures; only one Puffle Creature has been released, the Alien Puffle.

Club Penguin’s parties have definitely improved from 2014’s parties, which were infamous among the majority of penguins for its content appealing too much to young children. I will be adding all the ratings from parties in 2015 in order to get an average rating to summarize Club Penguin’s year. Do take note that I will not be reviewing mini-events. Without further ado, let’s start the review with this year’s first party.

Star Wars Rebels Takeover 


Club Penguin got off to a bad start with the Star Wars Rebels Takeover. Firstly, not even half of the island was decorated. Only the Town, Plaza, Dock, Beach, Cove, Snow Forts, Forest, Space Room, and Inquisitor’s Base were decorated. However, the rooms that were decorated looked stunning, thumbs up to the art team! Other than the decorations, there was a lack of content in the party. There was nothing else to do other than lightsaber battles with fellow penguins or the Inquisitor, and completing quests by throwing snowballs at a certain object or collecting boxes of fruit. The lightsaber battles use the same rock-paper-scissors concept as the one from the Pirate Party 2014. The Club Penguin team has to take note that rock-paper-scissors is not fun anymore when you reach a certain age, perhaps 6 or 7 years old. These are basically the only things you can do during the party, really poor way to start a new year.

Overall Rating: 3.4/10

Soundstudio Party


This party was made just to attract more penguins to try out the new SoundStudio app. There were 11 rooms decorated this time and once again, even though not many rooms were decorated, the decorations of rooms that were decorated were great. As for content, there’s absolutely nothing to do other than playing a few songs. In other words, its content is even worse than the Star Wars Rebels Takeover. Lastly, Cadence and the Penguin Band were supposed to have meet-ups during the party, according to an issue of the Club Penguin Times. However, both of them did not show up due to glitches. Nothing much to say, other than that it’s marginally worse than the previous party.

Overall Rating: 3/10

Puffle Party


This year’s Puffle Party marks the start of an expedition to find out who stole the Fish Cake in the new Puffle Lodge. 18 rooms were decorated for this party, all of them featuring superb animation. Once again, there’s a lack of content as the only thing you need to do is to help Rookie solve the mystery by going out to the wild to gather certain items. While that’s the only task you have to do at the party, at least it’s a lot more interesting than rock-paper-scissors from the Star Wars Rebel Takeover. In fact, it reminds me a lot of scavenger hunts. Also, the story regarding the Sasquatch makes a lot more sense than the previous parties. This was definitely an enjoyable party.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

Frozen Fever Party


Other than the fact that I despise anything Frozen-related, I think many will agree that this was one of Club Penguin’s worst parties of 2015. Club Penguin decorated 9 rooms for this party, most of them being reused from last year’s Frozen Party. Regarding content, all you need to do is to collect snowflakes, just like last year. Even though the snowflakes are a little smaller and less obvious than last year’s, it barely makes a difference. Club Penguin, please do not even think about having a Frozen Party next year…

Overall Rating: 2.5/10

The Fair 2015


This year’s Fair was a decent event. Just like in 2014, the Amazement Park was brought back and the rest of the island was not decorated, other than the sky, which seems fair enough. Obviously, the Fair had a lot of games in order for penguins to win tickets in exchange for prizes, thus it was rich in content. Penguins could also transform into werewolves, dragons, robots, and pirate crabs. During the duration of the party, many penguins could not log in due to a problem in the system’s database, which resulted in the party being extended by a week.

Overall Rating: 7.1/10

Inside Out Party


The Inside Out Party is based on the movie of the same name. The aim of this party is to restore Rockhopper’s memories after he ate a slice of cursed cheese. Only 7 rooms were decorated as the party mainly took place at the Minderizer 3000, which was located at the Dock. As for content, you will need to find the five missing memory orbs and complete a puzzle in order to get to Rockhopper’s core memory and return the orbs. However, there’s simply nothing else to do once you’re done with saving Rockhopper’s memories. If the memory orbs were harder to find, and if more puzzles were created, I would definitely give a high rating for this party. Unfortunately, this party is merely average..

Overall Rating: 6/10

Fashion Festival


Finally, Club Penguin has another new original party! Not many rooms were decorated in the Fashion Festival, except for the sky, just like in The Fair 2015. Regarding the content, there’s nothing to do other than vote for your favorite costumes, and dress according to the category. It’s an interesting concept, nice effort by the team to try something new.

Overall Rating: 6.9/10

Descendants Party


The Descendants Party was based on the Descendants television film . Only the Iceberg, Mine Shack, and School were decorated. The party did not have any content at all, not a single quest or task, simply nothing. In fact, it seems more like an event that was held for two weeks to showcase some decent decorations, and to advertise a Disney film. Considering that Club Penguin was also busy preparing for its 10th Anniversary Party, perhaps that was the reason why there was nothing much to do in this party.

Overall Rating: 6/10

10th Anniversary Party


Club Penguin celebrated their 10th Anniversary with a party that lasted nearly a month! Almost every single room was decorated, with plenty of rooms from Club Penguin’s past making another appearance. New Club Penguin players got to learn more about the virtual world’s history and many old players returned to experience the nostalgia. A number of moderators – old and new, also appeared during the party to wish Club Penguin a glorious 10th anniversary! The team could not have pulled it off any better, it was nearly flawless. This party will also turn out to be the foundation for the Halloween Party, which features rogue robots from this event. Arguably the best party of 2015.

Overall Rating: 9.7/10

Halloween Party 2015


This year’s Halloween Party continues from where the 10th Anniversary Party left off. The robot guides from the previous event have started malfunctioning and exhibiting weird behavior, so, penguins are required to help deactivate the bots by using objects which they are afraid of. The team has decorated almost every room, and pay a lot of attention to detail. Credit to them for their hard work! Content-wise, I believe Club Penguin have done a great job. You will need to collect the bots’ fears first, then solve a challenging puzzle in order to deactivate each bot. I hope Club Penguin continues making puzzles like this, unlike the dreadful rock-paper-scissors task from the Star Wars Rebels Takeover.

Overall Rating: 9.2/10

Operation Crustacean


It’s been two years since Club Penguin last had an EPF operation, so it’s awesome that we’re finally getting one! For decorations, I wouldn’t mind that Club Penguin did not decorate any room except the rooms in Area 501, as Operations are meant to be dealt with in private by secret agents. As for the rooms that they did decorate, I must admit that Club Penguin have a fantastic art team! There are four mazes that you will have to complete between every two to three days. These mazes remind me of the Cave Maze mini event back in April, I felt that they were decent. Prior to the actual event, penguins were getting abducted randomly and received a Tin Foil Hat from the UFO. This caused a lot of speculation in the community regarding the party, which possibly attracted more players to try it out. Lastly, Alien Puffles were available for adoption. It is worth taking note that this is the first Puffle Creature Club Penguin have released this year.

Overall rating: 8/10

Holiday Party 2015


Club Penguin has reverted from naming it the Merry Walrus Party this year, and is definitely a lot more better than last year’s December party. The whole island has been decorated for this party and an aurora sky is present. There aren’t any new tasks at this year’s Holiday Party, except for Treasure Hunt in the Migrator, and Santa’s Sleigh, which has made a return from Holiday Party 2009. I expected more from Club Penguin in terms of content, but at least, they have not based the party around the Merry Walrus, like last year.

Overall rating: 7/10

That sums up Club Penguin’s parties this year! The average rating for their parties is… 6.4/10 !

The first half of the year was extremely disappointing, however, Club Penguin improved drastically around July and have barely looked back since. With Project Super Secret due to be released next year, it seems likely that it would attract many players.


It is essential for Club Penguin to pick up from their performance this year, perhaps by making the chat filter less strict. Right now, I am assuming only 20% of what is written on Club Penguin, actually passes through the filter. This makes it exceedingly difficult to communicate with others.


Also, Club Penguin should release a new feature to attract even more players and prevent old players from leaving because of boredom. They could add new stamps to the stampbook, release a new game, or maybe attempt to create more TV specials.

What are YOUR views on Club Penguin’s parties this year? Leave a comment below!



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