Club Penguin Prehistoric Party 2016 Walkthrough

Get ready to travel back to the past, as this year’s Prehistoric Party is finally here! This is Club Penguin’s first party of 2016, and the third Prehistoric Party in Club Penguin’s history.


Upon logging into Club Penguin, Gary will appear and inform you that you will be travelling to the past in order to dig up power fragments for a new UFO power source.


Greetings! We need to dig up power fragments to make a new UFO power source. But we’ll have to time travel to find them! Jump in the Time Trekker in the Dock.

Gary will now direct you to the Dock in order to use the Time Trekker 3000, to travel to the past. Also, a stone fragment icon has been added to the top right corner of your screen.


Click this icon to find optimal digging spots. Good luck and ugga ugga!

Once you are at the Dock, proceed over to the Time Trekker 3000.


Head over to the portal over at the right side of your screen.


You will now be at the prehistoric version of the Dock.


Basically, all you need to do in prehistoric Club Penguin, is to play Dino Dig in order to dig up power fragments for the UFO back in present-day Club Penguin.


Dino Dig is just a variation of Treasure Hunt, the game in the Migrator’s Captain Quarters. However instead of digging for gold and diamonds, like in Treasure Hunt, you will be digging for coins and power fragments.


Other than for the UFO’s power supply, digging up fragments will allow you to unlock items for your penguin too.


Click on the top right corner of your screen to see the list of free items available. As of now, there are two items that have been unlocked.


Members will be able to adopt dino puffles and transform into dinosaurs too.



Just like most of the parties in 2015, the Prehistoric Party 2016 has three special party emotes that will be here till the end of the party.


That wraps up the Prehistoric Party 2016! It seems like a really simple party as most, if not, all of the rooms were reused from previous Prehistoric Parties. Club Penguin Reveals will be posting a party review by the end of this week, stay tuned for that!

Did you like the Prehistoric Party 2016? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!









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