Theories on the Club Penguin Operation Tri-Umph Party!

 Hello everyone! As you may or may not know, Club Penguin is having an Operation Trump (er, I mean Tri-Umph, totally not Trump) party going on as of now. People are wondering what Herbert’s plans are. I have seen four theories of what could happen. Let’s dive in!

Theory One: Putting Club Penguin into a Giant Snow Globe!

If you go on, you will see a picture of blue prints. In this theory, those blue prints are for a shrink ray which Herbert is building to put the entire island in a snow globe!

My Opinions on This Theory:

It definitely seems possible, being Herbert was put into a snow globe during the Merry Walrus movie in 2014. Could this be his revenge?

Theory Two: Herbert is Making a Machine to Make the Island Forgive Him

Maybe the laser show was on purpose! Maybe Herbert was giving us a gift and is hoping for repentance for all the trouble he’s caused and the island is just blowing this out of proportion.

My Opinions on This Theory:

Seems unlikely. Herbert’s personality just doesn’t go along with this theory, being what happened during Operation Crustacean when he completely abandoned the EPF on the space ship after he picked up Klutzy. Plus, Herbert has been a main antagonist on Club Penguin for a while and I think the game designers can make his character even more evil before pulling a classic MLP and befriending him. *cough cough* Discord *cough cough*

Theory Three: Herbert is Working with Tusk

Even though this theory can go with the first theory I mentioned, I thought it was worth saying. Previously on, Herbert had a to do list, one of the items on the list being a secret meeting with someone. The name was covered up so we could not see who it was. People have suspected it was Tusk, being that this walrus’ returning is long overdue (he’s such an epic villian in my opinion)

My Opinion on this Theory:

This seems really likely. If the snow globe theory is real, who better to help with the snow than Tusk? Maybe I’m just saying this because I hope he makes a reappearance, but this theory seems extremely feasible.

Theory Four: The New Recruit Will Be Revealed This Party

Even though we all know who the new recruit that was recently mentioned in the F.I.S.H. is, will he be revealed during this party?

My Opinions on This Theory:

Being it was so recently mentioned, they could probably drag out this whole “new recruit” thing out for a while. Just look how long they kept the director’s secret under wraps. It took agents a few years to learn about Aunt Arctic and her secret life. But, the director had very little details that would associate him with other penguins. This new recruit has the popped collar to directly associate him with Frankie, which could lead to the fact that the CP team wants to reveal him quickly. Honestly, I want to know how Frankie will make his appearance, not when. I hope it is as epic as Aunt Arctic’s reveal. That whole cut scene with the voice acting was beautiful. I don’t know if anything can top not only that reveal but the whole Operation Blackout. That party was so lit in so many ways.

Those were some of the biggest theories on the Operation Tri-Umph party. I had fun analyzing them! Do you guys think Operation Tri-Umph can top Operation Blackout? I don’t think it’s possible, but we can always hope for the best. There is still a huge chunk of time for Club Penguin to give us one heck of a party. I’m a bit rusty with posting so I hope I did okay! Thanks and have a superb day!



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