Club Penguin Operation Doom: Underground Cave Maze Walkthrough

As part of the final week of Operation: Doom, Herbert has used his uncolorizer ray to turn the Plaza black and white. Will you be able to stop him from turning Club Penguin into a colorless island?


MWAHAHAHA! The uncolorizer ray is ready! Penguins won’t want to stay on a colorless island!

Rookie, who has lost his color, will now appear.


Whoa now, Herbert! You’ve done some evil stuff. But don’t mess with our pizza!

He will urge you to check out the underground cave maze in order to obtain the power fragment.


We gotta stop this. I like color! Maybe there’s a clue in that huge hole in the ground.

Half of the Plaza has lost its color, including the interiors of the Puffle Berry Mall and Pizza Parlor.



Head over to the underground cave.


The underground maze is identical to last year’s Cave Maze event. You may use this map to help guide you to the end point of the maze.


Once you’re at the end point, be a rebel, and enter the room with the sign ‘Do Not Enter’.


Herbert and Klutzy will appear on your screen now


Who set off my security alarm!? Is that you Klutzy? I bet it’s a pesky penguin! SCRAM!


You cannot stop my machine of ultimate power! So long as it is plugged in, it will run FOREVER!

Click the power socket to unplug the machine, thus saving Club Penguin, preventing Herbert from ruining the island.


The Director will congratulate you for recovering the stolen power source.


You will be able to collect the Power Fragment Pin and The Driller costume (members only) as a reward.


That wraps up Operation: Doom! Did you enjoy the event? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.





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