Club Penguin Puffle Party 2016 Full Walkthrough

Club Penguin’s 8th Puffle Party has finally begun and will be here for the next three weeks!

This year, the main objective of the party is to take party in various hide and seek challenges, and to celebrate the history of puffles.


You will be greeted by PH at the Town. She will inform you about the party details.


Welcome to the Puffle Party! There’re heaps of puffles on the island, so let’s celebrate what makes each one special.


There will be hide and seek challenges for every color of puffle. Click this icon to see the party schedule.

Click on the icon to check out the party’s hide and seek challenges. Your first challenge is to find the Red Triceratops Puffle.


There will be several twinkling lights in the room the puffle is hiding in. Each twinkling light contains a different puffle. So, you will need to find the twinkling lights in each room, and solve the challenge by using the riddle. Don’t worry if you can’t solve it on your first try.


You may click on ‘Find Me’ in order to teleport to the room where the puffle is hiding at. This will take you to the Snow Forts. Click on the log below in order to solve the challenge.



PH will appear once again to reward you with several red puffle based items. Non-members may only collect the pin, while members will be able to collect the pin and four other items.


Ace! You found the red triceratops puffle. They love going on treasure hunting adventures.

Let’s solve the next challenge, involving the Blue Deer Puffle. Head over to the Stadium.


Once you’re at the Stadium, click on the wooden gate surrounding the entrance.


PH will now appear and present you with your prize.


You found the blue deer! They love pulling other puffle creatures on sleds.

For the Green Raccoon Puffle’s hide and seek challenge, you will need to go to the Coffee Shop.


Now, click on the menu written in chalk, thus revealing the location of the Green Raccoon Puffle.


Don’t forget to collect your items from the Puffle Handler!


Bonza! You found the green raccoon puffle. They’re the fastest of the raccoon puffles, and they love racing to prove it!

The rest of the puffle challenges have not been released yet. Be sure to check out Club Penguin Reveals in the next few days for more puffle hide-and-seek challenge guides!

Members will be able to adopt every single puffle Club Penguin has released, and also transform into them.



These are the three special emotes that will be available for the duration of the party.


That’s about all for this year’s Puffle Party 2016! I am thankful that Club Penguin did not release another new puffle for this event, just take a look at the login screen and you’d realize the puffle family is HUGE! Other than that, I like the idea of the hide-and-seek challenge. However, it would be better if the ‘Find Me’ button was removed, in order to make it more challenging for everyone. The decorations were top-notch too, even though they may have been used in previous Puffle Parties. This party is simple, but also innovative. I’d give it a rating of 8/10.










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