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Welcome to the best online source of Club Penguin help, Club Penguin Reveals. Within this website you will be able to explore secrets, codes, games, tutorials, and the latest updates about Club Penguin. This website strives to provide Club Penguin players with the best possible/ best quality guides and posts written by some of the world’s top authors. The Club Penguin Reveals community is a friendly place, in which is easy to join. Simply comment on a post or a page and you’re part of the community. We love to hear your thoughts and feedback after your visits onto Club Penguin Reveals.


This website was created on December the 19th 2010. At first it was created as Mrzero3’s blog, in which he shared with his Club Penguin friends. Mrzero3 later decided that he wanted to convert this website into a popular Club Penguin help website. He aspired his dreams, and they came true. A year later, Mrzero3 put this website out onto all browsers, and internet search engines. Within months, it had reached 10,000 views. Now the Club Penguin Reveals website has reached over 500k unique views and 1.3 million pageviews.

Please let me know your thoughts on our website by commenting below this post. Waddle on, and thank you for visiting Club Penguin Reveals.

Club Penguin Reveals Owner, Manager, and Admin; Mrzero3

32 thoughts on “About

  1. All you have to do, Is go onto “My Account” Scroll down until you see apperance as a title, then you will see background underneath. Click on it, now you can choose one and edit it from your file, same with the header. 😀


  2. Hey Mrzero3 how do you make a header and i found an awesome blog go on it and comment it’s called clubpenguincheatingworld.wordpress.com it’s awesome!

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  3. The Internet is masiv but to see things that are good and taken by hart those are the blogs of where we should admire from not the ones who take it for reasons of foolishness.
    Quote civ5blog


  4. woo hoo your posts have inspired me and now a get 60 views a day also another thing
    check out the about page on thecivblog.wordpress.com
    there is some cool stuff about you and me with ptpd and other websites


  5. Mr zero if you go on to the site stats page somewhere of the top of the graph it will have a little icon saying 2011 review.
    Read it it’s really awesome.
    Then make it public and post it.
    If you want to see what a review is your free to look at my blog


  6. Club penguin banned me. It was only my first time. And its been going on all morning. So I am really annoyed about it! It said if it was you’re 1st time you would just be warned. I’m sorry for using bad language. It won’t happen again!


  7. Check our banning policy (located on our tutorials tab) for more info on how your penguin can be affected by the amount of times you have been banned. After at least 5 times, your penguin would be permanently banned (banned forever). There is a very little chance of getting your penguin back if it has been banned before. And remember, stick to the rules!

    I hope my message has helped you in any way 🙂
    Stay safe on the internet


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