Cart Surfer

1. Head on over to the Mine, located on your map. From there, you’ll want head down the Mine Shack. You can also teleport to the Mine Shack if you are an EPF agent.

surfing 1

2. From there, click on the carts, underneath a sign labeled ‘Cart Surfer.’


3. “Would you like to go Cart Surfing?” Hit yes, of course, unless you’ve changed your mind.


This screen will pop up. If you’d like to jump right into playing, go ahead and hit PLAY. If you’d like to learn how to play, hit INSTRUCTIONS.


The instructions read:

MOVE: Use the left and right keys to lean the cart.

STAND: Up and down keys change how you ride the cart.

JUMP: Press space to jump. Combine moves to earn more points.

CRASH: Be careful! If you lean too far you’ll crash.


Now that you know the general controls, hit the PLAY button and get started! Throughout the game, your objective is to make it through the mine shafts to the end, while scoring as many points as possible. You can score points by doing tricks, which can be done using the arrow keys and space bar. Experiment with combinations, as the more you do, the more you earn.

scoring points

At certain points in the game, giant yellow arrow signs will appear along the walls. You must go in their specified direction by using both the left and right arrow keys to lean your cart in the correct direction. Be careful, however; if you lean your cart too early or for too long, you’ll tip over and crash!


And there you have it, you know now how to play. It takes practice and patience to master, but you’ll quickly become quite the expert at it. Here’s some simple tips to help you along:

  • Stand on the cart while turning corners by using the up arrow key. It’s a simply way of gaining a few extra points – mind that you are at more risk of tipping over, though!
  • Try out different combinations at once – you might find a way that’s easy and efficient for you, and will help rack up some points.
  • Bring your black puffle with you. They’ll do tricks alongside you, allowing you to score even more points.

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