Catchin’ Waves

Catchin’ Waves is loads of penguins’ favorite game on the island. The great part is that it is very easy to play and to obtain many stamps as well.

Scroll down to ‘How to play Catchin Waves’ if you know where the game is located.

  1. Open your map and go to ‘Cove’. This place should be located on the bottom right corner of your map.
  2. Waddle over to the hut with a ‘Surf’ sign.
  3. Hover you mouse over the board with a penguin on it- the name ‘Catchin Waves’ should appear.
  4. Click your mouse on the board and accept the game invitation.

Accepting the game invitation should transport you to the Catchin’ Waves main home screen.

As you can see, there are 4 different game modes in this game: Surf Lesson, Freestyle, Competition and Survival. However, some game modes require a paid membership.

How to play Catchin’ Waves

The instructions listed above show a clear manual of how to play Catchin’ Waves. In case you do not understand it, here is CPReveal’s version:

Before we get cracking, I would like to add that playing with a mouse will be easier. Using a touchpad will be more difficult as you have less control of your penguin while playing the game.

  • Moving your penguin forward is simple- just place your mouse cursor in front of your surfing penguin. If you would like to go up or down, move your mouse cursor up and down. This will also make you go faster.
  • To make your penguin jump, direct your mouse cursor ABOVE the big wave.
  • To make your penguin flip, move your mouse cursor in CIRCULAR MOTIONS. Basically meaning to make it go round and round- forming a CIRCLE shape.
  • You can also perform tricks while on the board.  
  •  Above displays a picture of a part of your keyboard. Most of you should recognise these keys. By clicking ‘up’, you can perform the ‘Wave’. By clicking ‘left’ you can perform the ‘Headstand’. By clicking ‘right’ you can perform the ‘Dance’. By clicking ‘down’ you can perform the ‘Lie Down Action.’

The rules above are the main things you should know to play the game and hopefully achieve stamps. If you are still feeling shaky, be free to try the ‘Surf Lesson’ gamemode. That can also benefit you…

That is all from CPReveals on how to play Catchin’ Waves. Please do check our other guides if you need help with games on the island.

-Jon and the Team

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