Pizzatron 3000

If you waddle into the Pizza Parlour which is located in the Plaza on your Club Penguin Map, you should notice two doors underneath the ‘KITCHEN’ sign.

Pizza Parlor Kitchen

Waddle into the doors and click ‘Yes’ on the blue log that appears on the screen.

Play Pizzatron 3000

You will find yourself on the Pizzatron 3000 game home screen. If you wish to play in candy mode rather than the default mode that is already selected for you, pull the red lever on the far-lefthand side of the screen. The game play will be exactly the same as the default mode, but will instead feature candy food items instead of the usual items you would find on a pizza made by a penguin. You also receive more coins in this mode.

Pizzatron 3000 game

Click ‘PLAY’ to start playing the game. There is a long, grey conveyer belt in front of you that moves the pizza along your screen. The aim of the game is to decorate the pizza with the correct toppings before the pizza disappears off of the conveyer belt. The game incorporates a drop-and-drag ability, which you must  control with your computer mouse in order to place the toppings on top of the pizza. The toppings are located in small boxes near the conveyer belt, and a sign displaying the toppings that need to be put on the pizza is located at the right-hand side of the screen. Some food items may need to be placed on the pizza more than once.

Pizzatron 3000 gameplay

Once you have completed the game, you will receive a number of coins that you will be able to spend on items around the island. There are a number of ‘Stamps’ to collect in this game, too, which are listed in your Stampbook, accessible by clicking on your penguin’s playercard and then clicking on ‘Your Stamps’. Here you will find the objective that you will need to complete in order to receive the specific stamp.

Pizzatron 3000 coins

If you need any help playing Pizzatron 3000, please comment below – and we’ll be glad to assist you within 24 hours!


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