Bits and Bolts

On this page are instructions on how to play the mini-game “Bits & Bolts” on Club Penguin. First, head to the Arcade/Dance Lounge by waddling up the stairs in the Dance Club, or by teleporting there using your EPF Phone.

Waddle up to the game. It looks like this. When a message pops up, click “Yes”, unless you change your mind.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 10.03.35 AMThe home screen looks like this:

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 10.04.09 AM

The goal of the game is to clear all the blocks in each level as fast as possible. You need to click certain bolts to match the target number on your cursor. For example, if the target number was 6, you could click 3 blocks with 2 bolts, 6 blocks with 1 bolt, or any number of bolts that adds up to 6.

Sometimes “blast balls” will show up, with either a + or a – on it. If you click it, it will cause nearby bolts to explore, helping clear the level more.

The game will ask you to use certain types of bolts. If you use those, you will win more parts to build a robot. Once you build a complete robot, the game will go back to small numbers.

If you make a mistake or take longer to finish a level, more blocks will fall onto the screen. Be careful not to let too many blocks will up the screen, because if they go over the top of the screen, the game ends.

Bits and Bolts Interface

Bits and Bolts Interface

If you still have questions on how to play Bits & Bolts, leave a comment below!


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